“A premium home haunted house experience”

It all started with a string of lights…

Orange ones to be exact,
thrown into the bushes on Halloween night 1994.

The next year, more lights were placed in the yard, along with some ‘spooky’ signs. Each year after that, more lights were added along with just about anything new that came into the pop up Halloween stores. Then, as Josh Jaramillo, the creative mind behind the theater, got older he saw that there was a way to bring his favorite movies and shows to life. Taking inspiration from what he viewed, he set out to create a more realistic experience that brought the movies to life and had the potential to put people into environments that were completely immersive. He taught himself how to design, paint and build a haunted house from nothing more than wood and a paintbrush.

Today, the Horror Theater Haunted House is unlike any other home haunt in Colorado. Rivaling even the most renowned haunted houses, there is no shortage of scares in this intricately designed space.